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Gold Demon by George N Sinclair

By 11:53 AM

When I received the pdf file of the first 6 chapters of “Gold demon” sent by George Sinclair I suspected that it was another boring book that doesn’t give some new perspective of old things, but I was amazed that I couldn’t put it down and sadly 6 chapters flew in less than 30 minutes so I am anxious to read the ending.

Its an intriguing novel that concentrates the plot around a young woman and a mysterious man who’s only plan is to put the whole world in a gold crisis. But as we follow the beautiful lawyer Esta we understand that things are not always what they seem to be and she’s more than meets the eyes. We walk with her into the past, traveling back in time in Ancient Summer 3902 BC, while she follows the trail of Soitan soon after she realizes that the gold market is behaving strangely.

Soitan, the man who wants to find the lost secrets of the alchemy and use them to consolidate his power in the new world. As George Sinclair writes on his blog: “Soitan, a ruthless and sadistic tycoon has hoarded huge amounts of gold, and intends to destroy the world’s economy once he discovers the secret of gold transmutation, but he must first discover the secret process.  Suddenly, as sinister forces shadow his every move his focus turns to ancient King-making rituals.”

I liked the first chapters and I am curious about how he’ll take the action forward. We have mystery, murder, time travel, the action is spiced very well, but I want to know them better: at the end of the sixth chapter I feel that I don’t know Esta nor Soitan. But what I can tell for sure is that more good things will come out of this book that I recommend reading.

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