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When I received the pdf file of the first 6 chapters of “Gold demon” sent by George Sinclair I suspected that it was another boring book that doesn’t give some new perspective of old things, but I was amazed that I couldn’t put it down and sadly 6 chapters flew in less than 30 minutes so I am anxious to read the ending.

Its an intriguing novel that concentrates the plot around a young woman and a mysterious man who’s only plan is to put the whole world in a gold crisis. But as we follow the beautiful lawyer Esta we understand that things are not always what they seem to be and she’s more than meets the eyes. We walk with her into the past, traveling back in time in Ancient Summer 3902 BC, while she follows the trail of Soitan soon after she realizes that the gold market is behaving strangely.

Soitan, the man who wants to find the lost secrets of the alchemy and use them to consolidate his power in the new world. As George Sinclair writes on his blog: “Soitan, a ruthless and sadistic tycoon has hoarded huge amounts of gold, and intends to destroy the world’s economy once he discovers the secret of gold transmutation, but he must first discover the secret process.  Suddenly, as sinister forces shadow his every move his focus turns to ancient King-making rituals.”

I liked the first chapters and I am curious about how he’ll take the action forward. We have mystery, murder, time travel, the action is spiced very well, but I want to know them better: at the end of the sixth chapter I feel that I don’t know Esta nor Soitan. But what I can tell for sure is that more good things will come out of this book that I recommend reading.

ps: you can follow George on twitter at: http://twitter.com/#!/GeorgeNSinclair
Let’s talk about a literary genre…feminist expository writing.

First of all, I recommend that you read this

I think this article illustrates a great point about women.

First of all you need to understand that none of things in that article are true…total fiction, all made up, probably doesn’t even loosely resemble real events. Now knowing that you need to know something else-that doesn’t matter. Truth as men understand it does not matter to women. You can say, “no no what REALLY happened?” again and again till you are blue in the face, that doesn’t matter to a woman. It will not compute. She physically cant understand what you mean. The fantasy story and the feelings it conjures are actually more real to women than events that actually took place.

The feminist expository narrative has a lot of universal tropes. Typically they are victim narratives (either rape, sexual assault, racism, sexism, homophobia, whatever). The universal sisterhood of victimhood has visceral appeal to women. If you look at my blog I did an entry a while back on fear being the default female emotion…that is true. Women have known they are weaker than men and that they are at their mercy since the dawn of time. Generation upon generation of that feeling has compounded to the point that women pretty much feel threatened by all men at all times. They are good at hiding it of course but believe me it is there. A lot of “game” is based around building enough attraction to make that feeling of threat sexy. Threat + no attraction = creepy, threat + attraction = sexy. Of course there are men these days that are genuinely non threatening but that is an aberration of history. Either way the important thing to understand that bonding through shared fear is a universal experience for women.

Also there is usually a literary conceit or recurring motif (in this case the moon). These stories are word pictures about a snapshot of time (that never happened). Women will tend to say that their mind noticed and focused on an ordinary object during a stressful moment. This is part of the empathic focus, “put your mind where my mind is and see what I see”. The whole point of the writing style is to confer feelings and not facts. This is how women communicate.

Try to ignore the outrageous comical bits (praying to white Jesus to restore her virginity) and look at the deeper facts. That story is a mirror to the mind of women everywhere.

But of course the comical bits also make a good point. First of all they make a sociological point…the insane things that people can say with a straight face now point to modern standards. Secondly extreme exaggeration or outright lies are not just a characteristic of this story, they are characteristic of the genre. In a way these are polemics. The crazier the claims the more stark the emotive picture and thus the more engaging the story. I cant say this enough…women do not evaluate stories for truth, they evaluate them for “authenticity” if you understand my meaning. Rather than asking “Did this happen?” they ask “Does this speak to me?”. It is cor ad cor loquitor, heart speaking to heart. Women think with their emotions (if you can call it thinking). It is all very visceral and primitive. Sometimes it is more instructive to think of women as wild animals rather than people. If you accept that premise they become more predictable believe it or not.
For our lords and masters “culture goals” actually supersede economic gain, meaning they are willing to lose money to promote the kind of culture they want rather than make money on something there is actually a market for. Case in point: this article on the future of “American Idol”

So TLDR version: Idol’s ratings are up but that is actually a problem. It has too many cute white boys singing rock and country which by definition makes it “old” and uninteresting (at least to people in New York and LA who project their sensibilities on the rest of the country).

They would rather have idol be more “modern” (which means more minorities and electro-pop) and lose viewers.

The article has all sorts of unfortunate implications such as “whites are old, blacks are new so we should go with the wave of the future” and so on. The problem is the audience of Idol still has a degree of control over what they watch through voting. This audience (largely southern white female, the back bone of all “clean” reality tv) is able to select for what they want to see. Northern white female is the backbone of all “dirty” reality tv such as real housewives, bridezillas, the Kardashians, and so on but that is something for another day.

We cant give the people what they want because they will choose the wrong things you see. Even if ratings go down we need to keep pushing our cultural agenda. All “family friendly” mainstream tv is in the crosshairs of the media establishment right now for this very reason. This is naked social engineering. Why do you suppose so many movies that the backers know will lose money still get made? It is because profits are not the main objective here.
Whenever I hear somebody complaining about women I often hear another man say, “well you just haven’t met the right one yet”.

This talk of “the wrong kind of woman” misses the point. All women are the wrong kind of women. All women have betrayal in their hearts inherently. Evolutionary pressure has selected for women who quickly and easily fall in line with the new males who massacred the old males. The loyal women had their heads dashed on rocks and didn’t reproduce.

But that isn’t the main issue. The main problem is sexual liberation. Either sex has an inherent desire to try to get the best sexual deal possible. Women are more prone to it because of their traitor hearts but either sex will trade up in sexual partners given the opportunity. Sexual liberation is literal liberation…freeing people from all forms of sexual coercion. You see people have to be forced to be monogamous…that goes for men and women. I mean they have to be literally forced. Those who defy monogamous sexual standards have to be punished in order to enforce monogamy. Monogamy is no longer enforced and that means monogamy disappears. Humanity shifts into the soft polygamy of nature. This has to happen. Married couples will not be able to stay together without at least the fear of social pressure and shaming. The opportunity of free sex tears marriage apart.

Lastly is the problem of feminism. Most people think of feminism is some crazy lesbians railing against men in college…that isn’t the heart of what feminism is. Feminism is basically a female union. It is no different from United Auto Workers really. The goal of feminism is threefold

1. Control male sexuality
2. Protect female sexuality from its natural consequences
3. Redistribute wealth from male producers to female consumers (and their children)

Feminism has been spectacularly successful at all of those objectives. Why do you think feminists are against prostitution and pornography? They’re scabs! It gives men access to sexual stimulation without going through channels that put wealth in the purses of “respectable women”. The whole rape issue is the same way…all about control. Males and females have inherently different breeding strategies. One breeding strategy has to fail for the other to succeed. Women don’t have fire and forget reproduction. They don’t just need sperm. They need male resources. So they get a redistributionist state to tax males and pay females. There is a very good reason welfare programs target single women and children only. The same goes for child support, alimony, and female favored divorce settlements. It is a union…it is about taking as much as possible. All women are members because all women benefit. Talk to any woman. Even the ones who say they “aren’t feminist” still support redistribution of wealth from males to females either through the welfare state or the courts.

So it is impossible to keep marriages together today because literally everything goes against it. If you want monogamous social norms you have to insure that divorced women are much worse off financially than married women and that sex outside of marriage and divorce itself are subject to extreme shame if not outright legal punishment.
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